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Details Recent-Developments-in-Spatial-Analysis-Spatial-Statistics-Behavioural-Modelling-and-Computational-Intelligence-Advances-in-Spatial-Science

Recent Developments in Spatial Analysis A series of contributions by an international authorship of spatial analysts. They demonstrate their models and methods with applications that are in areas of societal interest such as the spread of infectious ...

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Details A-Formal-Design-for-Three-Dimensional-Spatial-Data-in-Database-Systems-A-Spatial-Data-Model

A Formal Design for Three-Dimensional Spatial Data in Database Systems Previous work with spatial database systems has dealt mostly with two dimensions and more with implementation than with design issues. This dissertation deals with the formal ...

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Details Time-Literature-and-Cartography-After-the-Spatial-Turn-The-Chronometric-Imaginary-Geocriticism-and-Spatial-Literary-Studies

Time, Literature and Cartography after the Spatial Turn argues that the spatial turn in literary studies has the unexplored potential to reinvigorate the ways in which we understand time in literature. Drawing on new readings of time in a range of ...

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Details Spatial-Deterministic-Epidemics-Mathematical-Surveys-Monographs

No Spatial Deterministic Epidemics Read a customer review or write one .

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Details Computing-with-Spatial-Trajectories

Spatial trajectories have been bringing the unprecedented wealth to a variety of research communities. A spatial trajectory records the paths of a variety of moving objects, such as people who log their travel routes with GPS trajectories. The field ...

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Details Spatial-Audio-Processing-MPEG-Surround-and-Other-Applications

Spatial Audio Processing Spatial Audio Processing: MPEG Surround and Other Applications provides comprehensive coverage of this important technology for the optimization of advanced applications in home entertainment, communications, signal processing ...

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Details Spatial-Mathematics-Theory-and-Practice-through-Mapping

Spatial Mathematics "Spatial mathematics and analysis, two different approaches to scholarship, yield different results and employ different tools. This book explores both approaches to looking at real world issues that have mathematics as a critical ...

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Details Pro-Oracle-Spatial-for-Oracle-Database-11g

Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g Now available in paperback-- Pro Oracle Spatial for Oracle Database 11g shows how to take advantage of Oracle Databases built--in feature set for working with location--based data. A great deal of the ...

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Details Qualitative-Representation-of-Spatial-Knowledge-Lecture-Notes-in-Artificial-Intelligence

Qualitative Representation of Spatial Knowledge This monograph develops a qualitative model for the representation of spatial knowledge based solely upon locative relations between the objects involved. The core of the text is devoted to the study of ...